LBM Productions Announces Spamalot


spam resize (Page 1)LBM Productions announces a show that is presented by adults for adults—Spamalot—the first weekend in June. Director Laine Berry Miller explains, “I saw ‘Spamalot’ in London ten years ago, and knew I would have to bring it to Central Louisiana as soon as it was released!”  So, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the iconic movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” LBM Productions will proudly present the Cenla premiere of “Spamalot” June 5th through 7th at the Coughlin-Saunders Performing Arts Center.  In 2005, Python member Eric Idle turned the film into the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical that is “lovingly ripped off from Monty Python’s movie ‘The Search for the Holy Grail.’” It is a fusion of Monty Python humor and Broadway flair that creates an evening of live entertainment that is absolutely not to be missed. What could be more entertaining than tap dancing knights, a scatting diva, and high-kicking cheerleader/showgirls?


“I am so excited about the caliber of veteran and rising talent I am blessed to be bringing together as Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, along with the hilarious characters of the French Taunter, the Knights of Ni, the Black Knight, Prince Herbert, the Lady of the Lake and her Laker Girls, and many more,” beamed Miller. “‘Spamalot’ brings a flashy, peppy Broadway edge that is built upon the hilarious ‘Knights of the Round Table’ number from the movie. The show includes intricate tap routines, rich harmonies, scatting divas and incredible sets and costumes. And, of course, there are the hilarious props, including ‘la vache’ (the cow) and the killer rabbit. There are over forty characters who promise to keep the audience in stitches for the entire two-hour production.”


“Honestly, the humor of Monty Python always was, to me, more of a guy thing. But, I have gained such strength from the joy of being silly,” continues Miller, “and I hope others will, too. As they say, ‘Laughter is the best medicine.’ This show is dedicated to the memory of my amazing mom, Agnes Berry, who, even though her own feet had failed her, talked me through tap routine ideas for the show. I know Mom will be watching this one from heaven. She will always be my inspiration, both as a choreographer and, of course, as a mom.”


So come join in on the fun, it will be an evening of laughter and dazzling entertainment. A perfect date night outing, LBM Productions promises that “Spamalot” will not disappoint.


The dazzling cast includes Tom Petrus (King Arthur), Kendall From (Patsy), Matt Henry (Galahad), Tim Saucier (Robin), Casey Scarbrock (Lancelot), William Carroll (Bedevere) and Laine Miller (Lady of the Lake). Completing the cast, and playing all sorts of colorful characters, including dead bodies, minstrels, dancing knights, showgirls, Frenchmen, Ni Knights, a Historian, and many more, are: Ty Cedars, Colin Smith, Greg Carroll, Matt Anderson, Luerinza Dearborne, Jan Reich, Donna Andries, Jody Nance, Jeanne Carnline, Rebecca Rowlen, Kasey Renois, Alayna Aymond, Talon Dearborne, Claire Marie Miller, Emma Nance, and Macy Brown.  Special appearances will be made by Jackson Harmeyer, Tom Harmeyer, and Judge Dee Drell. (A few more “cameo” appearances will be announced at a later date!)


The live orchestra, headed by Michael Sterne, includes Amy Holley, Ellene Owens, Christina Brooks, John Sewell, Annette Londono, Brandon Holley, Bill Christophe, Aaron Dufour, and Madison Pearson.  Costume Mistress is Jan Reich, and assisted by Alicia Lewis, Rhonda Petrus, and members of the cast. Derik Richey, Kendall From, Matt Henry and other members of the cast will be building the set and handling the technical aspects of the show. Aubrey Bolen will do special scenic and costume painting.


Tickets to this uproariously funny musical can be purchased at and will also be available at the door. The show is rated PG-13, and is not suitable for young children.