When Pigs Fly

Lisa Holt
Lisa Holt

We have always told our children there was nothing they couldn’t achieve. They could be anything they wanted to be when they grew up—no dream was too big. When you ask my teenage son what he wants to be, he will tell you either an NBA star (mind you not just play in the NBA, but be a star player) or an actor. He recently told us he wanted to learn to play the guitar…like Jimmy Hendrix. I love that he dreams big! I hope his dreams will always stay big. I also hope he understands the sacrifices and challenges that come with making your dreams a reality.


As we grow older, life gets in the way of our dreams. Our responsibilities are greater; circumstances sometimes beyond our control dictate which direction our lives will take. And sometimes our dreams seem as far away and as unrealistic as pigs flying. But if the want, the will and the drive are within us, anything is possible. I hope you have felt that desire to see your dream come true. It’s that burning feeling in your stomach, that all consuming thought, the daydream when you find yourself alone and quiet for a few moments. Maybe you have pictures posted in your home or office that represent your dream. Maybe you have certain quotes that you say to yourself when you feel your dream is slipping away. Maybe there are songs on your playlist that drive you towards your dream. It may take years, but every day you take one step closer to making it happen, just by those simple reminders. And then, one day, you realize you have done it, you are there!


So while it may not be the NBA, your dream may be something like running a marathon, or building your dream house. But one day you wake up and see your dream become your reality. All of your hard work, effort, practice, sacrifices, challenges, have a big fat equal sign next to them and on the other side of that equal sign is your dream! That’s the formula to success. And once you reach the other side of the equal sign, be sure you look closely for the flying pigs. They are there; they fly into someone’s life every day.