River Oaks Square’s Summer Art Studio Unfiltered


River Oaks Square’s Summer Art Studio UnfilteredDuring the months of June and July, the classrooms, hallways and studios at River Oaks are truly more full of life and creativity than any other time of the year.  That’s right, Summer Art Studio is in full swing. These contemporary visual art camps span 37 days of summer fun, enriching the creative minds of over 125 youngsters in and around the Central Louisiana region and beyond.  We have students arriving from Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and even Washington, DC during 2017!


What happens at Summer Arts Studio is truly remarkable. But don’t just take our word for it, what better way to give a sense of what goes on at Summer Art Studio than directly from the mouths of the young student artists themselves? Here are just a few!


Hannah T. explained, “I really love art camp, because I like to help all the other campers with their art and I love the teachers!”


“I’ve been coming here for 6 years, so I‘ve learned a lot about texturing, layering & drawing,” said Bella D.


According to Dominic B., “I choose to come to River Oaks Summer Art Studio because the teachers & the projects are awesome and fun.”


“We get to do so many artistic things & I get to meet new people and we get to play games outside,” explained Piper S.


Jenevieve B., exclaimed, “This Art Camp is original.  It’s not like anywhere else I’ve ever been before.  The instructors treat you well!”


“This is my 3rd year at River Oaks, because they’re very welcoming, they serve good food and people don’t make fun of your uniqueness,” explained Chesney M.


Lorelei B. said, “We have the freedom here to play and make what we want.”


“This is my first year at art camp, I wanted to come here because I like to do art.  My favorite thing so far has been has been the jugs we made in ceramics,” said Sophia S.


Mia M. explained, “I like painting and playing outside.  My favorite piece so far is the flag we painted for the Red, White and Blue Session.”


Sarah L. said, “My favorite thing is to hang out with all my friends, to have fun and get messy.”


“I like being able to be with all of my friends and painting abstract art and creating jugs in ceramics,” said Ella N.


Amelia beamed, “I’ve made friends here and the projects are awesome.”


“This is my first year and I like it because it’s easy to make friends and I get to make original, unique crafts,” explained Theresa N.


Likewise, Hannah L. said, “We get to do activities like clay making, painting, coloring, jump roping and hula hooping.  We also get slushies.”


“This place is better than school, because we get to make art all day and I can hang out with my friends,” said Alyse M.


According to Vivian T., “It’s fun here because we get to use the potters wheel and the projects are different and you learn actual techniques.”


“This is my first year here and I just love the whole experience.  I like the potters wheel and all the other projects,”  said Addison C.


Ethan summed it up simply: “Clay, Clay, Clay and more Clay.”


“This art camp is special because it has my favorite teachers in it and it’s just a special place,” explained Christa Ann K.


Audrey E. said, “I like how people are creative and what different arts and crafts there are.”


“I like to do creative stuff and express my art to everyone,” said Emmie S.


Did you miss #SAS17? While all classes are at capacity for this year, we recommend you contact our offices today to get on our SAS mailing list for 2018.  Class sizes are limited and we hope to see your young artist during 2018! And yes, we have a slushy machine and so much more!  SAS17 is sponsored by: River Oaks Board of Directors, Drs. Shawn & Gregory Dowd, Tammi & Bryon Salazar, Alexandria Pediatric Dentistry, R.D. Jackson DDS, LLC, and Rapides Regional Medical Center.