If It’s Broke, Don’t Fix It

If It’s Broke, Don’t Fix It
Greg Mayo

Since one of the most common questions I get is about fixing old or broken cameras, I thought it might be time to re-visit this topic from a couple of years ago.  Nothing has changed except the Google numbers are higher.  Camera repair is now at 6,250,000.  Also, the price and quality of cameras have gone up since that time.

To my knowledge, no one in our area fixes cameras, and based on recent calls and emails, lots of folks out there have malfunctioning cameras.  If your camera is under warranty or you have a “high end” camera, obviously go to the manufacturer.  For help with all the others, let’s go the internet.  A Google search under “camera repair” yielded 9,150,000 sites.  A few too many.  Adding “Alexandria, LA” yielded 27, none of which seemed productive.  Delete Alexandria and a few decent prospects show up.

But here’s the rub.  If you pay to ship your camera to someone, pay them to fix it and pay to have it shipped back, there is a good chance you’ll spend $100 or more.  You might even spend that much just getting an estimate.  Or, you might get a low estimate through the website only to find out the camera needs more expensive repairs when it gets to the shop.  You can buy a really nice camera—that is probably better than the one you have—for just a few dollars more.  And you don’t have the worry of dealing with people “somewhere out there” that you don’t know.

 If It’s Broke, Don’t Fix It

If you have an heirloom camera or one that is special to you for some other reason—maybe just because you are comfortable using it—by all means, look into  repairs.  For everyone else, I recommend thinking twice about repairing a relatively inexpensive camera.  Get you a nice shiny new one for about the same money. 

If you have a question or want to discuss creating fine art portraits, please give me a call or email greg@gregmayo.com.  This photo has nothing to do with fixing a camera.  Just look at it and relax a moment to get over the fact you have to buy a new camera.