Friendship House—A Cenla Treasure


friendshiplogotransAs we “baby boomers” and our parents get older and grayer (or older and balder as the case may be), the challenge of finding quality options for senior care gets tougher and tougher.  We are blessed in Cenla with a strong and vibrant array of hospitals and clinics, long-term care facilities, homecare and hospice agencies, competent and caring physicians and allied healthcare professionals.  But when my parents needed a different kind of care a few years ago, there was only one place to turn in Cenla—Friendship House.


Mom, Dad and our family struggled with Dad’s Alzheimer’s Disease during his last few years with us.  Those with parents or grandparents who have experienced the affliction know the demands that it can place on both the patient and his loved ones.  My Dad was a great and always gentle man, but he was no match for Alzheimer’s…nobody is.  Sadly, the disease is often tougher on caregivers than it is on the patient.  Dad remained happy and “tolerable” (as he always put it) right to the very end. He never complained and he never fussed. That’s just who he was.  He was a “good” Alzheimer’s victim.  The trouble was, he couldn’t remember much of anything. And as the Alzheimer’s progressed, he required help with even the most basic human needs.  Mom never let on, but the toll on her health was having a cumulative effect that was impossible to ignore.  That’s when we found Friendship House.


Chances are, you’ve at least heard of Friendship House.  It’s a local non-profit Adult Day Care Facility, and it’s the only licensed Adult Day Care facility in Central Louisiana.  It’s a place for adults who need a supportive system during daytime hours, but can still live in their home or with family or friends.  It’s not just for Alzheimer’s patients.  For my Mom and Dad, Friendship House was nothing short of a Godsend. Dad’s been gone for nearly five years now, but I’ll never forget the excellent care and loving support provided to our family by Friendship House.


The rates at Friendship House are quite budget-friendly and some services are covered by Medicaid, The Veterans Administration or by long-term care insurance.  Maybe you know someone who could benefit from the services provided by Friendship House.  Or maybe you’d like to help out as a volunteer.  In either event, I’m sure they’d like to hear from you.  Friendship House is located at 114 Sixth Street in Alexandria and can be reached by phone at (318) 473-9504.