Focus on the Fort: Twin Power


LSUA Generals Twins-webAnyone attending an LSUA Generals Basketball game may feel they are seeing double.  Truth is, the Generals are fortunate to have two talented ‘‘big men’’ on the team, that are not only brothers but also are twins.  Austin and Dustin Adams are seniors at LSUA. They were born in Tacoma, Washington.  When they were four years old, their family moved to Slidell.  Their athletic interest began with soccer, but they played basketball with each other at home.  When they were eight years old, their father asked them if they would like to play basketball on a team.  And so it began.


As freshmen at Salmen High School, they were 5’11”, but by the time they were seniors, they stood an impressive 6’7” tall, a little tall for soccer players, but well suited as starters in their senior year.  After graduating from Salmen, they attended Northwestern State University in Natchitoches and continued to play basketball.   But at the end of their sophomore year, in the hopes of more playing time, they transferred to LSUA and joined the newly formed Generals basketball team where Austin plays forward and Dustin plays center.  It was a leap of faith that has paid off for the twins.


In the hopes of making the world a better, safer place, they both chose majors in criminal justice.  Austin will pursue a career in law enforcement, and Dustin plans to attend law school to become a sports attorney. When they aren’t playing basketball, Austin and Dustin enjoy hunting and fishing.  And whoever said, “Tall boys can’t water ski,” has never seen these guys on the water!


One of the most admirable qualities about the twins is their compassionate nature and willingness to give back to the community.  As part of the Generals basketball team, they enjoy visiting elementary schools and Sunday school classes and helping with the various basketball camps that LSUA organizes for the area youth.  They are very involved in the ROTA ROTC and during the holidays they can be found helping underprivileged children through the local Doll and Toy Fund. Both have been named Character Athlete of the week by the Red River Athletic Conference—Austin in 2014, and Dustin this year.  The twins say they enjoy spending time with children because you never know how you may impact a young life in a positive way.  If they had to choose one thing they could do to change the world, they would encourage people to put aside their differences and be more accepting of one another.   When asked who the biggest influence in their lives has been they replied, “Aside from our parents, each other.”


Austin and Dustin have enjoyed their time at LSUA.  They say, “Because it’s a smaller school, there is more a feeling of acceptance and understanding.  And the Generals’ basketball coaches work hard and don’t stop.  They care about players on and off court.  They teach the players how to be successful in not just basketball, but in life.”  The twins both agree they could never have dreamed their lives any better.  And they are looking forward to what the future holds for them.


PrintOh, in case you were wondering, Austin is the oldest by thirty-five minutes.