5 Things To Give Your Child’s Teacher This School Year


5 Things To Give Your Child’s Teacher This School Year1. Engagement

“Children whose parents are involved with their education generally tend to be less disruptive in class,” says Reg Weaver, president of the National Education Association.    Parental involvement shows the teacher that she is supported as she works to educate your child.  Attend Open House to see what’s required of your child, what’s available at the school, and what extra-curricular opportunities are available.  Be active as a classroom volunteer.  And be sure that your child’s homework is complete.  All of these things will make the teacher feel that you are interested in your child’s day to day education.

2. Trust

Have a deep appreciation for the teacher’s opinions and expertise.  If you are told something negative about your child, listen to what the teacher is saying and dialog.  Calling the principal sends the message that you don’t trust the teacher. 

3. Communication

Yes, sign the report cards and the permission slips, but do more.  Communicate with the teacher about your child’s health and any crisis that may be going on at home.  This helps the teacher understand why your child’s behavior and attention to classroom activities has changed.

4. Appreciation

Teaching is a high energy job.  Show appreciation with just a word or two of kindness.  Teachers aren’t looking for expensive gifts.

5. Respect

This person spends eight hours a day with your child.  Have your child to class on time; tardiness disrupts the morning schedule.  If you forget to sign a form or turn something in, just apologize, get it done, and move on.  Acknowledge the teacher as you meet her out in the community, too.

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