Why Art…And War?

Catherine M. Pears
Catherine M. Pears

This spring exhibition season, the Museum joins the Central Louisiana community in remembrance of events that changed our world forever–the American Civil War and the Holocaust.  Both of these events are connected with survival and the degradation of one culture of the human race by another. Subjugating one segment of society to serve another exemplifies the unfortunate ability we have to dehumanize those different from ourselves. The frightening truth is that, through indoctrination, humans can be taught to believe the enemy is not human, when in fact, we all are.


What makes the difference is what and how we are taught–exposure, in a way. Knowing our history keeps us from repeating mistakes only if we can recognize the signs. Learning, expanding your knowledge and experience to understand how to share common ground makes us more healthy and whole human beings. Art, literature and music all reflect nuances of the human experience that cannot be simply stated.


Alexandria-Museum-LogoThe Museum serves to provide opportunities to explore the human response to war, fear, life, death, and the struggle to be human, so that, as a people and a community, we can move forward to overcome our indoctrinations and embrace our shared humanity. Ideas must be exchanged, stories must be shared, and conversations must happen—art provides the opportunity.