What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?
Lisa Holt

Have you ever thought how it is that a bumblebee can fly?  Aerodynamically he is not supposed to be able to.  Think about it: his body is the biggest thing on him and his wings are the smallest.  Yet he flies through the air with ease pollinating flowers so that they may grow and reproduce, thus allowing us not only to see the beauty of its handiwork but to breathe the oxygen that the plants create.


Have you ever marveled at the resilience of a baby learning to walk?  He falls time and time again, yet he still keeps reaching for that hand to hold to steady him on legs that have never borne weight.


Have you ever seen a flower growing between the cracks in a sidewalk?  Through all odds it found the sunlight and managed to reach through the cracks and bloom.


These are all examples of things that shouldn’t happen.  Yet, through all odds they do.  One of my favorite quotes is: “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”  That’s a pretty powerful question.  It is the reason why many of us do not venture out of our comfort zones and act on our dreams—we are afraid of failure.  One might not achieve the goal they initially set out for, but along the way the road took a different turn and other things were accomplished.  History tells us that many new lands were discovered and inventions created because they were “failures” to the original plan.


The moral of the story is if we never try, we never know.  If the bee believed he couldn’t fly, we as humans would be lacking some oxygen.  If the baby believed he couldn’t walk, we would be crawling on all fours.  And if the flower stopped reaching just because it was a little inconvenient, people that lived in the city might never see its natural beauty.  Life is short and tomorrow may never come, so today we should learn to allow ourselves to fail and embrace our “failures”.  So, what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?