What To Do During an Eye Emergency


What To Do During an Eye EmergencyKnowing what to do in case of an eye injury or accident can possibly prevent vision loss and minimize damage to the eye.  The most important step is prevention.  Always protect the eyes when performing potentially hazardous tasks around the house or on the job.  Even if glasses are not needed, wear non-prescription safety goggles or glasses to prevent debris from entering and damaging the eyes.  Activities such as mowing the grass, carpentry work, and drilling are just a few of the risky situations that can sometimes lead to an injury of the eye.


Make sure you have eyewash available in case of chemical spills to the eyes.  Flushing the eyes immediately with water can dramatically decrease the amount of lasting damage to the eyes.  If a foreign object is thought to be in the eye, do not rub the eye.  Instead, try to flush the object out or gently keep the eye closed until getting to an eye doctor. Eye injuries are a leading cause of preventable blindness.  Never assume that damage to the eye is harmless.  Seek medical help as soon as possible.


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