What is SlimLipo?

What is SlimLipo?
Dr. James Parrish

SlimLipo is a type of liposuction which uses laser lipolysis.  Simply put, laser lipolysis is the use of laser energy to melt fat tissue so that it can be easily and gently removed from the body with a minimum of swelling, bruising and discomfort.  When compared to traditional liposuction, laser lipolysis has a much faster recovery and can be done comfortably and safely in an office setting.  No anesthesia is required, and most patients can return to work after taking the next day off.

There are many different brands and systems which use laser energy to assist with liposuction.  The system which first attained FDA clearance is called known by the brand name SlimLipo.  This system uses two different wavelengths of laser energy.  The first wavelength is 924 nm and was chosen because it specifically targets the adipocytes or fat cells.  The second is 975 nm and this wavelength targets the collagen support system of the skin.  The laser energy causes contraction and remodeling of these fibers and replaces sagging skin with a tight, smooth contour.

The best patient for laser lipolysis is someone who is near their ideal weight, but has a few stubborn areas of fat which are resistant to diet and exercise.  Simply put, SlimLipo is a safe and permanent method of fat removal and body sculpting that can be done with a minimum of discomfort and down time.

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