Weiss & Goldring Introduces the Custom Shirt Club

Weiss & Goldring Introduces the Custom Shirt Club
Ted Silver

Weiss & Goldring is pleased to introduce its new Custom Shirt Club. With more and more people wearing sport and dress shirts as opposed to knits, it is important for them to fit properly. We hear so many times that a gentleman “cannot button the button”, or struggles to get the correct neck size without the body of the shirt being too big.  A custom shirt takes all the guesswork and compromise out of choosing your wardrobe.  Each shirt is tailored to your individual specification.

In addition to achieving the perfect fit, there are several other problems that can be eliminated if we measure you.  Your shirts can be specifically constructed to fit your lifestyle.  We can even adjust the collar so that it will be comfortable while talking on the phone, or specify longer shirt tails so that they better stay tucked into your pants.  Custom shirts offer a Y seam where the shirt body and sleeve meet, which allows a more comfortable range of motion.  You can also enjoy the perfect match of cuffs and collars suited to your preference. 

For more information on our new Custom Shirt Club or to schedule an appointment, please call our knowledgeable staff at Weiss & Goldring at (318) 443-9200.  Or, I am, as always, available to answer any of your fashion questions via e-mail at tmsilver@weissgoldring.com.