Volunteers of America


Volunteers of AmericaLet’s take an imaginary trip in rural Louisiana. Do not pack your GPS or Smartphone, because the house won’t be on a map. We are going to visit John, a client of Volunteers of America who gets help through our rural Intensive Home Based Services.

John is 35, raising his three special needs children. Samantha, John’s 12-year-old daughter, a tomboy, is her daddy’s little princess. Joey is 13 and much more reserved than his sister. He would rather be inside than outside with nature. When it comes to David, the youngest, he is always finding ways to keep his daddy on his toes. 

This close knit family was shaken one day, when the children’s mother, John’s wife, chose addiction over family. John needed help; he didn’t know how to be a single parent and was at risk for losing his children. That is when Volunteers of America got involved. The road was long road with lots of ups and downs, but in the end the rewards far outweighed any fear and apprehension. Volunteers of America currently has a waiting list for families like John’s family in need of services.  

There are many ways that Volunteers of America provides services for families and children, people with disabilities, and pregnancy counseling/adoption. Join us for a Show and Tell, an informational session, so we can illustrate to you how Volunteers of America is continually working for those in our community.  Show and Tell sessions are located at Volunteers of America, 3900 Lee Street, Building B on the first Wednesday of the month at 8:00am, and the third Thursday of each month at 12:00noon.

John’s parenting road has not been an easy one. To learn more about the obstacles and outcome of his journey, visit a Volunteers of America “Show and Tell” by calling (318) 442-8026.  At VOA, there are no limits to caring!