Today I Am Sad

Lisa Holt
Lisa Holt

Today, I am sad. The world appears dark and frightening from my eyes. The light is growing dimmer and fading like a candle about to be extinguished by hot molten wax.


Today, when I look in the eyes of others I see fear, the same fear that a small wild animal feels when he sees his reflection in the eyes of his prey.  I see anger, the same anger that is in the air during a tornado, its winds lashing out and decimating everything in its path.  I see hunger, a hunger for revenge so strong that it becomes a fire that sucks up all the oxygen and eventually life itself.  I see hatred where a brother cannot look upon his brother with anything other than a despising glare like daggers shooting from his eyes. I see deception, where even the smallest of children are unsure who to turn to, so they cower in their dark corners, their cries muffled by the sounds of gun shots.


Today, I see a world bent on destroying itself like the moth that bashes itself on the window pane trying to get to the light, over and over until it falls lifeless to the ground.  Today, I am sad that the good that lives in each of us is doubting if there really is good in the world at all.


But tomorrow I will awaken with fresh eyes and I will do my part to change the world. Will you?