The Importance of Good “Eye Hygiene”

The Importance of Good “Eye Hygiene”
Dr. Phillip L. Carney, Jr.

When one thinks of hygiene, they usually immediately think of general body cleanliness or the teeth and gums.  The eyes should not be overlooked, especially if the eyes are dry, red or irritated.  The eyelids can trap debris and become inflamed if not properly cleaned around the lash and lid area.  Normal everyday face cleaning usually does the trick and “no tears” shampoo and pre-moistened lid scrubs are perfect for cleaning around the eyes.  Blepharitis is an eye condition in which the lids become inflamed and can lead to a dryness and irritation.  It can be caused by poor lid hygiene.  The glands that secrete natural lubricants from the lids to the eyes can also become inflamed (meibomian gland dysfunction) due to poor lid hygiene.  Allergies can cause the eyes to be red and itchy.  Simply using artificial tears or allergy eye drops can greatly reduce these symptoms.

Granted, most of us go through life without eye problems and a normal routine keeps the lids and eyes clean and healthy.  If eye irritation and dryness persist, a visit to the eye doctor can result in some helpful recommendations for eye drops and hygiene regimine.

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