The Days Ahead

The Days Ahead
Lisa Holt

In the coming months, many will celebrate high school and college graduations.  It is an exciting time full of hope and possibilities—a clean slate and a new chapter waiting to be written.  Many will continue their education while others will enter the work force.  This time of transition can also be a bit scary as the unknown tends to be.  It has been many years since I graduated, and life has taught me more than school ever did.  Some of the lessons were painful while others held more joy than I could ever imagine.  My advice, and wish for you, is that you will live your life to your fullest potential. Don’t let someone else’s perception of you determine your future.   It may not be someone else’s idea of how your life should turn out, but you have to live it and you have to love it, otherwise you will never be your best version of you, you will simply be a shadow of someone else.  Here are a few other things I picked up along the way:


  • When setting your goals, always ask yourself, “What could I do if no one told me that I couldn’t?”
  • Never take advice on your dreams from someone who has given up on theirs.
  • Just because they are riding with you doesn’t mean they are riding for you (borrowed this from Trent Shelton, he’s amazing!).
  • If they are willing to let you go, let them.
  • Sometimes you must lose everything in order to gain everything. Some things must end so better things can begin.
  • Don’t look for happiness in the same place you lost it–it’s not there, and probably never was to begin with.
  • Never settle! Not in your job, not in your friendships, not in your relationships. Not everyone is in your tribe and that’s ok, they aren’t meant to be.
  • Know your worth. Know that your presence in this space matters.


And my last bit of wisdom comes from Winnie the Pooh, who, it turns out, was a smart little bear.  There have been many days I have looked at myself in the mirror and said this Pooh phrase:  “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”  “Adulting” is hard, life isn’t easy, but the ride is worth it.  See the sunrises, feel the grass under your feet, fly where your wings take you.  I wish you luck and joy and happiness and I hope all your dreams come true.