The 3rd Annual Zombie Walk


The 3rd Annual Zombie WalkIt’s that time of the year again, leaves are falling, pumpkins are on every front porch and zombies are everywhere!  Saturday, October 22nd will mark the 3rd Annual Zombie Walk of Alexandria, presented to you by The Cenla Zombies Association.   According to Wikipedia, a zombie walk is an organized public gathering of people who dress up in zombie costumes.  Usually taking place in an urban center, the participants make their way around the city streets to a public space in a somewhat orderly fashion. 

Zombie walks have become popular in large cities, especially in North America, often becoming annual traditions.  The 1st Zombie Walk of Alexandria was an improv event in 2009. Promoted primarily through social media, it was almost kept a secret, but over 120 zombies of all ages united for the first ever Zombie Walk.  In 2010, the Zombie Walk became an official event and grew to nearly 1,000 participants, making the Zombie Walk of Alexandria the largest zombie event in the state of Lousisiana!  Desoto Street was transformed into a free, family-friendly block party.  “Thriller” dancing, costume contest and face painting events were held.  Over 200 pounds of food was collected for the Food Bank of Central Louisiana, proving zombies do have hearts! Proceeds of the 2010 Zombie Walk totaled to $500.00, which was donated to the Arts Council of Central Louisiana.  It was made possible by our generous sponsors.

The 3rd Annual Zombie WalkCenla Zombies Association will give zombie fans the ultimate Zombie Walk experience in 2011 at the 3rd Annual Zombie Walk of Alexandria!  Proceeds from the 2011 Walk will benefit the Cenla Down Syndrome Association, and a child named Josiah of Reece’s Rainbow. Like always, the Zombie Walk is a free and family-friendly event, with a schedule of events happening throughout the day:

10:00pm  Zombie Downtown Bike Ride with the T&G Coffee House Cruisers

4:00pm  All Ages Zombie Block Party on Desoto Street, featuring Zombie Karaoke, face-painting, Tamp & Grind Indie Art Walk (live music, local art vendors) until 8pm

5:00pm  Official 3rd Annual Zombie Walk of Alexandria

6:00pm  Zombie Walk Award Ceremony, Costume Contest, Jello Brain Eating Contest, and more

7:00pm  Outdoor screenings of Garret Gruhel’s Zombie Promotional Video (filmed locally) and other classic horror movies

8:00pm  3rd Annual Zombie Apocalypse Party at Finnegan’s Wake with Bombs Away

The 3rd Annual Zombie Walk would not be possible if it wasn’t for our sponsors like Taking It 2 The Streets, Finnegan’s Wake Pub, Tamp & Grind Coffee, Word of Mouth Café, Sentry Drug & Grill, Dixie Blueprinting, Spirits Catering & Events, The Rusty Bus Soap Company, Trotter’s Electronics and Appliances, and Reverend Charley Photography.  Official CZA t-shirts are available for purchase at Tamp & Grind Coffee for only $10.00. All proceeds from the 2011 Zombie Walk will benefit the Cenla Downs Syndrome Association.

We would love to have your business be a part of the 3rd Annual Zombie Walk of Alexandria.  Contact us at, or on Facebook at