The 36th Annual CAG of Cenla Bank Show


Contemporary Arists Guild logoThe 36th Annual CAG of Cenla Bank Show will be held March 22nd to April 4th at the Capital One Bank Lobby, which is located at 934 3rd Street in Alexandria. Jeremy Simmons, Associate Professor of Fine Arts at LSUA, has graciously volunteered to judge the submitted artwork. Businesses and individuals may make a donation of cash or gift certificate to support the Exhibit Awards, Honorable Mention Awards, and Viewer’s Choice Award. Businesses and individuals may commit to purchase a work of art from the exhibition. These purchases are presented as Purchase Awards. All commitments are invited to preview the works prior to the exhibition opening. The opening reception will be Sunday, March 22nd from 1:00pm until 3:00pm in the Capital One Bank Downtown Main Lobby.


The Contemporary Artists’ Guild (CAG) is an organization of visual artists united to promote the artistic endeavors of each individual member, and to foster the growth and development of a cultural atmosphere in the community. It was formed in 1975 and is the oldest organization of visual artists in Central Louisiana. CAG of Cenla relies on member dues and donations to reach the goals of their mission.  Members achieve personal gains from participation and engagement in other events that promote the importance of art, art making and art sharing. They believe that members and the community grow through educational opportunities and community endeavors.


Sponsor and donation forms can be found on the CAG of Cenla website at, or by contacting them through the webpage or on Facebook at