Taking It 2 The Street


Taking It 2 The StreetWhat is this Taking It 2 The Street thing? It’s an idea…a dream if you will. It’s an opportunity for a community to give for the sake of giving and to have a lot of fun while doing it. We’re a bunch of local people volunteering our time and talent to put on a free show, and we’re using the finest stage in Cenla…Downtown Alexandria.

Once each month, on the morning of the Second Saturday, we’re producing a family friendly variety show featuring performers, singers, dancers, musicians, actors, storytellers, and more!   Every person involved is a volunteer.  We’re placing these performers on street corners and in front of businesses all around downtown from Jackson to St. James and from Main to 5th Street.  A tour guide leads attendees on a walking tour along the route to see each performance, all the while revealing local history, pointing out places of interest and, not only introducing the performers, but also telling everyone in attendance about every downtown business that’s open that morning.

Taking It 2 The StreetWe do two guided tours each Second Saturday morning, at 9:00am and 11:00am, both starting and finishing at the Alexandria Museum of Art’s Second Saturday Market. Each tour takes about an hour, and is less than a mile in length. It’s free for everyone from the spectators to the performers to the organizers.  We wanted to see Alexandria’s sidewalks full of children and families having a great time. So we rolled up our sleeves and made it happen.  Taking It 2 the Street has run three times so far, each time attracting between 100 and 200 people downtown for the tours.   Some of these  people visit one or more of the four museums while they’re there. Some eat at Sentry Grill or visit the retail store, coffee shop, art school and libraries. And even when they don’t visit that morning, all these folks are now aware that these places are open for business.

Taking It 2 The StreetWe’re not using government funding. No one’s tax money is involved. We do have certain expenses, so we have invited a sponsor to help us. We are proudly supported by Capital One Bank, a business that is intent on revitalizing our community.  Come see the show some Second Saturday morning! It really is a lot of fun!  For more information, contact us and see more pictures and videos at www.facebook.com/takingit2thestreet.