Surgery Without Scars?

Surgery Without Scars?
Dr. James Parrish

There is a new technique for abdominal surgery called SILS (single incision laparoscopic surgery).  Traditional laparoscopic surgery uses multiple small incisions through which a camera and instruments are introduced into the abdomen.  Thus, there are many visible scars left after the surgery.

The SILS technique uses only one incision which is placed in the belly button so that there is absolutely no visible scar.   A small instrument and a camera are then placed through this incision to accomplish the surgery.  Pain is minimal and recovery is fast, just as in traditional laparoscopic surgery.

The SILS technique has been applied to many different types of surgery, primarily removal of the gallbladder.  Lap Band weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery) can also be performed via a single incision technique.

We are proud to have offered scarless surgery and weight loss surgery in Central Louisiana for the past two years. To see if you are a candidate or to learn more, please call Dr. Parrish at Mid Louisiana Surgical Specialists at (318) 442-6767.