Summer Styles Shine Bright


Could the right dress, shoe and bag change your life?  Look into your closet. What do you see? Are there a variety of colors, textures and fabrics?  Do you feel that your closet reflects your personality?  What you wear creates your image, your brand—whether you are an entrepreneur, a corporate professional, or a busy mom. Your clothing is an extension of your personality, and the way you look can sometimes affect the way you feel.  Not only do you feel good when you look good, but you also attract positive energy and at Her Closet, we have just the right outfit for you.

Brightly colored dresses in silky flowing fabrics that are as comfortable as they are cute will be your “go to” summer item.  At Her Closet, you will find great summer dresses to add to your closet.  Wear with a Brighton flip flop and a gorgeous Brighton necklace to personalize your look.  Bright colors and summer dresses give you every advantage to feel great this season.

Maximize your image by finding several “can’t-live-without” pieces to add to your wardrobe. A black and white striped, nautical style, lightweight shrug looks great slipped over a tank dress and paired with a large pendant necklace.  Asymmetrical tops and dresses in stretch cotton and silk blends are ideal options when creating summer night memories you’ll cherish forever. Beautiful maxi dresses in soft cotton feel absolutely goddess-like and are extremely comfortable and flattering to every shape.

Because jeans and shorts are a staple is most women’s closets, you’ll want the best fitting jeans for your body type. At Her Closet you’ll find brands like Miss Me, IT! and Big Star.  These great fitting jeans and shorts are sassy, comfortable, and completely versatile.  Pair them with a ruffled blouse and Madden Girl heels for girls’ night out and a figure-flattering tie-dye tank for a trendy day look.

Shine bright this summer with watercolor prints.  At Her Closet you’ll find the fun, unique prints that will add distinction to your closet.  Watercolor print ruffled halter dresses reflect the sun’s rays and will look great against sun-kissed skin.

Finding fun and flirty clothes is a great way to boost your mood! Fill your closet with clothes that make you feel ready to take anything head on.  Choose light, bright colors in soft fabrics for summer.  Choose clothing that defines your style and enhance your best features. At Her Closet, you’ll find your favorite seasonal pieces as well as some amazing staples.

Knowing how to make the most of the season’s latest styles ensures your next shopping trip to Her Closet will be a success, ending with pieces you will love and will wear over and over again. Please visit our store for your summer fashions that are sure to turn up the heat! Wear the trend in your world with fashions only from Her Closet….Where Fashion Meets Affordability.