Summer Fun = Making Pots!


As we approach the summer months, it seems that travel is becoming increasingly difficult. The expense of air travel, add-on fees and the general hassle of getting around at the destination are daunting at best. For many of us again this summer, travel will be restricted to places closer to home. So if you are faced with the particular dilemma of finding something new and intriguing to do this summer, how about taking a ceramics course at LSUA?

Summer Fun = Making Pots!LSUA reinstated the ceramics course offerings this semester. We have had a large enrollment and a truly enjoyable class. Students displayed their works in the University Gallery for the Spring Student Show. The class studied the hand building techniques that included slab method, coil building, and pinch pot technique. I was excited to see the final results and was pleased with their show.

This summer, we will offer three levels of ceramics study: beginning, intermediate and advanced. In addition to hand building, we will explore wheel throwing and new types of glaze. Three credit hours may be earned for the class, but one can also audit the class for a nominal fee. We encourage those from the community to join us for the class.

LSUA has been fortunate in being able to develop a fine pottery lab over the years. We have all of the major types of pottery wheels as well tools and implements for making raku. The varied types of pottery require different types of wheels and a potter will often develop a favorite type of wheel with which to work.

Summer Fun = Making Pots!I have structured this summer course to explore several different techniques based upon my own study with master potters. From Warren Mackenzie, I will teach the class the techniques that he drew from the St. Ives tradition of Bernard Leach. From Howard Yana Shapiro, Fulbright scholar with the 18th Japanese raku master, we will explore the firing techniques and clay formulae of raku pottery. From Tim Waring, leading American potter, I will show students the sagar method of creating pots within pots. And from Paul Soldner, I will teach stoneware techniques that evolve into sculptural pottery. As a student of these potters, I was fortunate to learn the long-standing tradition of pottery techniques. From their teachers, through them to me, and to my own students, the legacy of pottery continues.

While the summer course is a complete study, ceramics will be offered again in the fall semester so that students can progress from one level to the next. This is an ideal course for teachers who are interested in exposing students to pottery activities, even in the elementary school classroom. Art teachers can benefit from renewed exploration of the varied techniques. And anyone who has an interest in doing pottery will enjoy the course. Classes will meet Monday through Thursday from 8:00am – 9:45am for a ten-week session. We schedule the classes early to avoid the rising temperatures of mid-day. The fall class will meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00am – 10:45am.

I invite you to join us in our summer exploration of pottery. We have the space, we have the wheels, I will teach you the techniques, and you will succeed! No tests, just the pure joy of creating a lasting work of art. For more information, please contact me at (318) 473-6449.