Stop Painting Forever!


Stop Painting Forever!We are very excited about bringing Permanent Painting to Cenla. With our extreme Permanent Painting system our professional team works to protect and beautify your home for years to come and remove that painting cycle you are accustomed to. We take the necessary steps to enhance the longevity of your most expensive possession in life.

First, our inspectors will do a complete inspection of your home for problem areas such as windows, door frames, roof and chimneys.  This will prevent minor repairs from becoming more damaging and expensive to fix down the road. Second, we do site prep.  Our trained installers will prepare from the ground up to protect your landscaping, shrubs, roof and any other personal property. They will carefully mask off and tape all areas to be protected, and then pressure wash with TSP and chlorine for proper cleaning. Third, our Extreme Performance Bonding Primer is applied, which employs small particle technology and is 20 to 30 times smaller than typical primer, which provides greater penetration of substrate and adhesion for non-corrosive wall services. Fourth comes the installation of our Extreme Seal Sealant, which is extremely flexible without splitting and pulling apart, and acts as an expansion joint with exceptional cohesion and durability. Finally, our Extreme Performance Coating is applied, which offers a warm, soft satin finish that is breathable, waterproof and mildew resistant, unlike the artificial appearance of vinyl siding.

Stop Painting Forever!Why settle for just paint?  Get the best permanent painting system on the market today!  For more info and to set up your appointment for a free estimate, call one of us today: Randy Perego (318) 613-0607,; Joe Ingram (318) 715-0800,; or Keith Griffith (318) 308-6308,