Spray Foam Services

Spray Foam Services
Chris Smith

Here at Spray Foam Services, LLC our main objective is to educate the general public on Spray Foam Insulation and all of the benefits that it has to offer.  Helping Central Louisiana become more energy efficient one home or business at a time is our goal.  There are countless pre-existing homes in Cenla that were built before Spray Foam Insulation was introduced for new home construction in the south and that could benefit from the application of Spray Foam Insulation in their attics, subflooring or walls. The Federal Government as well as the states of Louisiana and Mississippi offer very attractive tax credits and loan programs to help residents offset some of the costs of making their homes more energy efficient.  For more information on these tax rebates, credits and loan programs, look up the HERO Program for Mississippi and Louisiana.

Open Cell Foam is an insulation and air sealing system that is ideal for residential applications.  An application of Spray Foam combines both a material and a service.  The material is a lightweight foam compound called polyicynene.  The service includes custom installation of the foam into each stud cavity or rafter cavity of a building directly on the construction site by trained installers.  Spray Foam Insulation is much more than just another mere form of insulation.  By virtue of its low permeability to air infiltration, its adhesion to other building materials and its flexibility, Spray Foam provides good air leakage control, moisture control and sound control, as well as great insulation all in one application.  The major advantage of Spray Foam is that it does more than just insulate, it also wind-proofs wall and ceiling cavities from air movement. 

Spray Foam ServicesSpray Foam is an organic material developed from products of the petrochemical industry.  It is a two component system that is sprayed like paint.  The chemical constituents are similar to those used in the manufacturing of many products already in your home, such as upholstery foam and the foam used for pillows and mattresses, though the properties of the foam in these products is different.  Spray Foam is an environmentally friendly urethane in which the ozone-robbing CFC’s have been replaced with air and water.  Spray Foam is open cell foam which is ideal for architectural purposes.  The foam breathes slowly, and any moisture in the building’s concrete or lumber can escape through the foam as the building dries out, thus eliminating any risk of lumber rot or mildew usually associated with materials that trap moisture.  Spray Foam is free of both glass fibers and formaldehyde, which are present in earlier forms of insulation previously used in homes, and is a great choice for insulating your new or pre-existing home.

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