River Oaks Welcomes Three New Artists in Residence


As the summer draws to a close and we busily prepare for the Van Gogh Gala, we are honored and excited to welcome three new artists into residence. They are Jacob Broussard, Pat Phillips and Margie Tate.


1373e86fcdb6797d29948acab0699890_smallJacob Broussard is an artist in residence at River Oaks for the Fall of 2014. He was recently accepted into the Vermont Studio Center, the largest international artists’ and writers’ residency program in the United States. Hosting 50 visual artists and writers each month from across the country and around the world, the Vermont Studio Center provides 2 to 12 week studio residencies on an historic 30-building campus along the Gihon River in Johnson, Vermont.  “My work addresses the representations of white southern masculinity from my upbringing, often defining who and what I am,” says Broussard. “There is an attempt to paint from a southern vernacular: a temperamental language, which is preoccupied with asking questions rather than giving answers. These works expand upon and examine the rite of passage from boy to man, the significance it holds within southern masculinity, and the cathartic confrontation of self through the act of painting.”


DSC_0335-webPat Phillips also draws much inspiration from his Southern roots and the experience he gathered early when spending time in train yards with spray paint.  His graffiti inspired works share familiar aspects, yet challenge perceptions and live off the existence of culture and subculture. His love for old Rust-Oleum cans and hanging out around the train tracks brings his experiences full circle. Look for “Folk Art Graffiti Aesthetic” classes on Thursdays with Phillips during September at River Oaks.


trio-in-spotlight-margie-tateMargie Tate, the third in the trio of new artists, probably has been practicing her art the longest. “My creative drive was inspired early by my mother who was always ‘making something’. If I had to narrow down the reason I continue to paint for more than 35 years now, it is a creative drive to learn more and grow as an artist. Though I have a degree in fine art and have studied from books and directly under well-known teachers in workshops and classes, I’m still a student of art,” Tate explains.


“It is always a pleasure to welcome new artists into the center, whether it is for a seasonal stay or permanently,” says River Oaks Artistic Director, Aubrey Bolen. “It gives visitors a constantly changing experience as they come and witness artists at work and browse their studios, and it gives our artists a great new influx of ideas.  River Oaks is only the catalyst in this–truly the most important component is the individual artist and their creativity.”


River Oaks is open to the public from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00am to 4:00pm, and Saturdays from 10:00am to 2:00pm. River Oaks can be reached via phone at (318) 473-2670, on the web at www.riveroaksartscenter.com and on Facebook.