Right Now is Your Time

Right Now is Your Time
Lisa Holt

I just began reading a book by Rachel Hollis entitled, “Girl, Wash Your Face”.  I am only on the fourth chapter but wow! It’s full of so many nuggets that I had to use it as my inspiration for my article this month.  The tag line for the book is: “Stop believing the lies about who you are so you can become who you were meant to be.”  That’s a pretty powerful tag line.  Each chapter is broken down by lies that have either been told to us or we have told ourselves.  Lies such as: “Something else will make me happy”, “I’m not a good mom”, “I am defined by my weight”, “There’s only one right way to be”, and, my personal favorite, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”


I am the queen of “I’ll do it tomorrow.”  I have procrastination down to an art form.  But it works for me because I work well under pressure, or so I tell myself.  What I have come to find out is procrastination hangs like a dark cloud, always looming in the background until I either do whatever it is I’m supposed to do or do nothing at all.  The contents of that dark cloud are stress and we all know the symptoms of stress.


We all have dreams and goals, but how many of us make an action plan to see them bloom into reality?  There are people—and maybe you are one—that are still talking about the same dream they were talking about ten years ago.  It makes me sad because I feel like those people missed out on so much because, why?  They were waiting for the right time, the right financial situation, the right spouse, or for their children to be the right age!  Here’s a tip for you: the only “right” we have is right now. What could you achieve if no one, including yourself, ever told you that you couldn’t? You will never know your full potential until you stop lying to yourself and move forward with your dream.  You are enough and right now is your time.  Go for it!