Replacement of Disposable Contact Lenses

Replacement of Disposable Contact Lenses
Dr. Phillip L. Carney, Jr.

People tend to over wear contact lenses and sometimes keep wearing disposable contact lenses far past the recommended replacement schedule.  Most of the contact lenses prescribed today are soft and disposable.  Recommended disposability ranges from single-use lenses (daily disposables) to two week, monthly or quarterly replacement.  Studies have shown that many individuals over wear their disposable lenses.  This practice dramatically increases the risk for infection and other contact lens related complications.  The longer a lens is worn, more deposits form on the lens, decreasing the amount of oxygen that reaches the cornea.  These deposits many times are microscopic and aren’t readily apparent, and may cause no discomfort.  A two week lens is designed so that its maximal breathability is within that two week wearing cycle and diminishes after that two week period.  The same goes for monthly and longer replacement schedules.


The best advice is to follow the doctor’s and lens manufacturer’s recommended replacement schedule to insure comfortable, clear and healthy vision.


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