Renew Vision Benefits Before Year’s End

Renew Vision Benefits Before Year’s End
Dr. Phillip L. Carney, Jr.

Many health insurance plans contain vision care.  For many plans, vision insurance is renewed at the end of the calendar year.  If you have su ch a plan, take advantage and make sure all benefits are utilized.  Most vision plans will provide eye examination and eyewear once a year.  If the benefit isn’t used or pre-tax spending allowances aren’t spent, they may be lost for that year.  Even if you don’t need glasses but have coverage for an exam, it is important to have a complete eye exam to check for any eye health issues or early signs of eye disease.  Most plans will cover non-prescription sunglasses because of the health benefits provided by UV protection.  Many families don’t take advantage of vision coverage for children who don’t seem to need glasses.  Many childhood vision disorders go undetected because the child appears to see well.  Eye exams are recommended at least every two years for children that have no vision problems.

Don’t let time and the year slip away.  If you have vision insurance and have not had your annual eye examination, schedule a visit to the eye doctor and take advantage of any plan benefits. 

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