Greg Mayo




Reflections can make creating striking images simple.  Nature and physics do all the work for you.  All you have to do is train yourself to look for naturally occurring mirror images, get yourself in the right position and snap the picture.  Well, technically, it can be a little harder.  You have to make sure you are at the right place at the right time to have good light.  I also have to admit that I had to hike in the snow, then put one foot in icy water to get this shot.  Other than stuff like that…it’s simple.


Around here, water offers almost unlimited opportunities to photograph reflections.  A great way to get a really cool shot of your favorite fisherman is to get one of his buddies to take you out for a photo shoot on the water.  Shots of the boat’s reflection can be impressive and artistic.  A tighter shot of his face reflected as he pulls in a big bass could be his favorite Christmas present.  With fall coming, there will soon be lots of places to get beautiful shots of trees reflected in the water.  The more color you can find, the more impressive the shots will be.

Shiny buildings and windows also play some interesting visual tricks.  The sun or an evening sky reflected off of a building as a background will turn a so-so portrait into something special.  A reflection in your glass can reveal an exciting new perspective on the view you enjoy at an outdoor restaurant.  Your side view mirror on your car can even give you a very creative shot to remember the officer who provides your next speeding ticket. 

Amazing reflected images are out there everywhere.  Train yourself to look for them and with a minimum of effort (and maybe a cold foot) you’ll soon be an artiste!  Toward that end, remember, to become more creative, you have to move a little closer to the edge.

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