Paul Davis Restoration


Paul Davis RestorationSince its opening in 1996, Paul Davis Restoration of Central Louisiana, a division of Foster Construction, LLC, has striven to go above and beyond in the restoration, 24/7 emergency services and remodeling industries.  Whether your need arises from an emergency such as fire, water, wind or vandalism, or you just need a fresh look after years of wear and tear, Paul Davis Restoration can provide service quickly and with absolute professionalism.

Paul Davis Restoration of Central Louisiana has made their mark as a leader in contents restoration.  With their unique storage facility and the arrival of the Esporta Wash System, Central Louisiana’s soft contents are cleaner and safer.  The Esporta Wash System is the first of its kind in Central Louisiana.  It utilizes hydraulic pressure and a special blend of detergents to remove organic and non-organic contaminants and odors from soft contents without compromising the integrity of the fabric.  This process allows us to save most items that have been damaged by floods, smoke, soot and mold that would normally otherwise be salvageable.  With this technology, should you be faced with a disaster, your daughter’s favorite doll and your son’s football equipment can be saved and come out cleaner than they were before.  All items washed in the Esporta Wash System emerge meeting food grade sanitation standards; they’re literally so clean you can eat off of them!

 Paul Davis Restoration

We take pride in our city and the valuables of the wonderful people who call it home.  It is a privilege and an honor that you choose us to protect your home and restore your belongings in the event of a disaster.  We will treat your things as we would our own, and rest assured that when it’s time for your valuables to return home, they will do so both safely and fully restored.

Foster Construction, LLC is proud to host a Cenla Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting ceremony July 14th at 11:00am.  We would like to invite everyone to join us as we celebrate the expansion of our facility.  We have recently added an impressive flooring show room, a conference room and the Esporta contents restoration area.  Jambalaya and refreshments will be served.  We hope to see you there!