Ocular Allergies: Common in the Spring

During the spring, pollen and mold in the air stir up cases of allergy and symptoms associated with allergic reactions. The eye and eyelids are common areas of allergic reactions. Red, itchy, watery eyes and swollen, itchy eyelids are the primary symptoms. Most cases of conjunctivitis (inflammation of the covering of the white part of the eye) seen in doctor’s offices are the result of allergens and irritants in the environment. The eyes and lids are very susceptible to these irritants and this causes an allergic reaction. The lining of the lids and eyes become red and small bumps can form on the inside of the lids. Many times the eyes get watery as the body attempts to flush the irritants away.

Treatment for allergic conjunctivitis ranges from artificial tear eye drops to flushing the eyes, to prescription eye drops that act to stop the allergic reaction. Some over the counter antihistamine drops work effectively, but it is always best to visit your eye doctor so that the correct drops can be prescribed depending on the severity of the reaction.

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