Now is the Time for Women in Manufacturing at RoyOMartin


These are exciting times for women in manufacturing, but careers in manufacturing seem to still be overlooked by women. In fact, [i]surveys of young women entering the job market indicate that they rarely consider manufacturing as a career on their own. At RoyOMartin, we have joined the [ii]nationwide effort to build the future manufacturing workforce and change the perspective of the manufacturing industry. It is time we stop viewing manufacturing as a man’s world.

The [iii]4th skills gap study completed by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute showed that by 2028, manufacturers need to fill 4.6 million manufacturing positions. Only 2.2M of these positions are likely to be filled, and 2.4M could lie vacant due to the manufacturing skills shortage. We feel that women are the answer. Since females make up over half of the American workforce but only 29% of the manufacturing workforce, women can fill this gap.


In 2017, we developed [iv]RoyOMartin Believes in Women in Manufacturing for this very reason, as it exposes middle and high school females to the great career opportunities for women in manufacturing. This program, held each October in partnership with [v]Manufacturing Day, recognizes RoyOMartin’s outstanding females at all levels of our organization. We invite middle and high school females to join in as we honor these women, hear their stories, and learn more about careers opportunities.


The career opportunities are endless in manufacturing. At RoyOMartin, females fill critical roles in every department and at all levels of the organization. Development is a top priority, and every individual is valued and given opportunities, competitive pay, work-life balance, flexibility, and incomparable benefits. We recognize that women are vital to our success, and the factors that women look for in a career already exist with us. A [vi]Gallup study cited that woman prefer job flexibility, inclusiveness, respect in the workplace and the ability to be valued for strengths as top influencers. The Deloitte study echoed these sentiments. Therefore, manufacturers must position themselves in a way that makes them attractive employers to talented women. At RoyOMartin, we strive to do this daily.

This month we will celebrate our 5th Annual RoyOMartin Believes in Women in Manufacturing. This virtual event will feature the 2021 honorees and provide them a platform to tell their stories of great starts. We believe when strengths align with opportunities, great starts can happen. In fact, [vii]I Believe in Great Starts is one of the five success pillars of employee engagement at RoyOMartin. The opportunity for females to fill key roles in manufacturing has never been better. Join the effort, and together we can show that manufacturing is not just a man’s world anymore.

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