No Matter How Much I Diet And Exercise, This Just Won’t Go Away!

No Matter How Much I Diet And Exercise, This Just Won’t Go Away!
Dr. James Parrish

Are you basically a normal weight but have a stubborn area of fat that seems resistant to diet and exercise? If so, you may be an ideal candidate for liposuction.  Unlike bariatric or weight loss surgery, liposuction is not designed to help you lose weight.  Instead, liposuction is intended to sculpt or contour the body so that problem areas are brought into proportion, and a harmonious appearance is produced to the whole body.

When you diet or exercise, the body sends out signals to the fat cells that tell them to release their stores of energy and shrink.  The problem is that not all fat cells are the same, and some of them are very resistant to these signals.  This is why you may have areas fat which never seem to go away, no matter how hard you try.  Liposuction is ideal for addressing this problem.

Now what about the skin?  Won’t it just get flabby when the fat is removed from underneath?  This is where laser liposuction comes in.  By using a laser liposuction system such as SlimLipo, the overlying skin is tightened as the fat is removed, thus producing a smooth, sculpted contour.  Additionally, the laser produces markedly less swelling and bruising.  Typical recovery is 2-3 days vs. 2-3 weeks with traditional liposuction.  This procedure is performed in the office and requires no general anesthesia.
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