Natchitoches Art Guild Featured Artist Joan Edwards


Natchitoches Art Guild Featured Artist Joan EdwardsNewly installed Natchitoches Art Guild president, Joan Edwards, is the first Featured Artist for 2012 at the Natchitoches Art Gallery. The title of the show “Memories” is a nostalgic peek into the artist’s life from February 16, 1942 to the present.  The twenty-two works include both photographs and paintings which according to Joan, represent “some of my experiences that have made me, me.” Each work is accompanied by a story which explains the inspiration and truly gives insight into the mind and heart of the artist.

Joan has made her exhibit an interactive one as she invites viewers to record their own most vivid memories and includes a form on which to do so. She asks that participants include contact information as well as details about the recorded memories. Joan plans to create a memory book which will contain her images, stories, and the collected memories of visitors to her exhibit.  The memory book will be donated to the Natchitoches genealogy library or developed into a not-for-profit booklet.

“Memories” will be on exhibit in the alcove section of the Natchitoches Art Gallery through the end of February.  Everyone is invited to join the members of the Natchitoches Art Guild in honoring Joan at a reception on Saturday, February 4th from 2:00pm to 5:00pm.