Multifocal Contacts: Option for Those Needing Bifocal Glasses

Dr. Phillip L. Carney, Jr.
Dr. Phillip L. Carney, Jr.

Contacts are available in a wide variety of bifocal/multifocal prescriptions.  For people over 40 and some under this age, a bifocal or multi-focal lens is needed to help the person see both far and near at the same time.  Changes in the focusing system of the eyes requires a different prescription for varying distances as we age.  Multifocal contacts are designed differently than glasses.  Glasses have the distance portion of the prescription in the top of the lens, and the reading in the bottom.  Since contact lenses are stationary on the eye, they usually have the distance prescription in the center of the lens, and assistance for reading/near vision surrounding the center.  As we look up close, our eyes turn in and down, and the eyes look “off center” into the reading portion of the lens.


Multifocal contacts are a little more difficult to fit than single vision lenses, and usually require one or more follow-up visits for adjustments to get the best visual outcome.  With these kinds of lenses, many times there is a slight compromise of the distance vision to allow reading, without having to use reading glasses over the contacts.


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