Mixed Media and Summer Arts Camp Ring in the Summer


River OaksNew Orleans artist Christine Sauer is on display at River Oaks until July 4th, offering visitors to River Oaks a unique look at unusual mixed media art using fiber and fabric. Her imaginative art is inspired by nature, science, the cosmos and an enjoyment of the process of making.  For many years, she created and exhibited her paintings, collages and sculptural installations in New Orleans and around the country. “An intuitive and improvisational approach to working with materials and image characterizes Christine’s diverse body of work,” says Rachael Dauzat, Executive Director at River Oaks. “Recently, Christine has incorporated her fascination with stitching and textiles into her studio practice and her pieces truly come to life with color and texture. We are very excited to have her exhibit right here at River Oaks.”


Joining Sauer’s work will be works of River Oaks Resident Artist Alison Delaney. “I love to paint and I use as my subjects everything I see around me. I am particularly drawn to the lost, forgotten, and broken,” says Delaney. “Although my style is realistic, I feel I am an abstract artist at heart. What draws me to any particular subject is color and shape. I approach each new project as abstraction first and add more detail only as it is needed.”


Rounding out the exhibit will be works of May Claire Delony, whose paintings depict stories that embody joy, happiness and passion, constructing metaphors based on personal myths and inspired by the classics of literature, storytelling and music.


While the visitors mingle in the galleries, River Oaks’ Summer Arts Studio is in full swing. While only a few spots in Session 4 remain, River Oaks would like to thank the stellar lineup of instructors this year. They are: Jason Gray, Amy Thomas, Lindsay Moore, Pat Phillips, Brandon Howell, Wang Ling Stokes, Leslie Elliottsmith and Leah Morace.  “The summer months are always fun at River Oaks, so we encourage people to come downtown, walk around, visit River Oaks and check out what we all have to offer,” adds Dauzat.


For more information, contact River Oaks at (318) 473-2670 or visit River Oaks online at www.RiverOaksArtsCenter.com.