Greg Mayo

One day after adjusting the lights, getting out all sorts of props, rattling things, shaking things, singing songs… well basically acting stupid, I just wasn’t sure I had the perfect photo I knew my client wanted.  Time to try outside.  We walked out.  Mom threw the little fellow in the air.  He said, “Whee!”  I snapped the picture and boom…Magic!  Simple enough, right?  So what can we learn from this?

Do what you child likes.  This was no idle throw in the air.  This was something mother and child had done many times and she knew her son would like it.  So, if your child likes to swing or turn somersaults or eat bugs or whatever, get your camera out and let them do it.  Don’t make them pose and say “Cheese”.  When they are their happiest and most at ease, they will give you the best images.

MagicBe ready.  Magic moments are fleeting…extremely fleeting.  Have your finger on the button.  Know what you are going to do.  Have your zoom set.  Anticipate.  If you really watch and practice, you will know the moment is about to come.  Don’t hesitate.  The good thing is you won’t be busy saying, “Look at the camera and say cheese!”

Get in position.  I’ve said in many of these articles, there is a place the camera wants to be.  For this magic photo, I had to have just the right angle to see our little aviator’s face and Mom at the same time (since I was shooting up, his face was in shadow, so I turned on the flash).  Move your feet, bend your knees and climb on things until your camera sees just the image you are looking for.

Use Zen.  On a more metaphysical note, believe you, your child, your camera and the universe are going to work together to create magic.  With that mindset, you can’t fail.  It is beneficial to do good, to be generous and to be at peace.  Good Karma helps.

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