LSUA Generals Claim Back to Back Championships


LSUA Mens Basketball 2016-webFor the second year in a row, the LSUA Generals Men’s basketball team has won the regular season Red River Athletic Conference Championship.  This is quite a feat if one considers that the team has only been in existence for two years.  On April 1, 2014, LSUA announced the hiring of Larry Cordaro as the Head Coach for the newly created men’s basketball program.  Coach Cordaro had a roster of zero, but quickly formed a team of 15 men.  The first-year program finished with a record of 23-4, won the Red River Athletic Conference’s regular and post-season tournament titles before advancing to the NAIA National Championship tournament.


The 2015-16 squad looked much different in terms of roster size, having grown from 15 players to 25 players.  With the additional men, the Generals were able to form two teams, Team A and Team B.  At the beginning of the season, the Red River Athletic Conference predicted that the Generals would finish first in their division.  Not only did the prediction prove true, but the Generals, finishing the season with a 27-2 record, also set a program record with a 20 game winning streak.  This streak is currently the longest in all of men’s college basketball across the country.


The team will travel to Kansas City to compete in the NAIA National Championship tournament which runs from March 16th through 22nd.


No one can predict the future, but if the team continues to grow in talent, both from the players and the coaching staff, they are destined for  good things. The young men that comprise the LSUA Generals team are of the highest caliber, both on and off the court.  Not only are they talented athletes, but they are first class role models for young people in our community.  The coaching staff of Larry Cordaro, Jay Smith, Casey Apetrei, Taylor Smith, and Daniel Roy lead by example.  Much is expected of the players, but much is also expected of the coaches.


PrintCoach Cordaro is quick to point out, “Our expectation hasn’t changed. It’s to do the best we can, with where we are, with what we have; all while improving every single day.”