LSU Alexandria’s Multipurpose Academic Center


LSU Alexandria’s Multipurpose Academic CenterOn the heels of a yearlong celebration of the 50th Anniversary of LSUA and almost twenty years of planning and preparation, LSUA will soon be celebrating the completion of the Multipurpose Academic Center (MPAC).  And what an impact this will have on the campus!   The construction and completion of this building—the result of a $10.2 million capital outlay, not operational budgets—speaks to the commitment of our State to the importance of LSUA and higher education in Central Louisiana.

The 70,000 square foot building is the first new building on the LSUA campus since 1979.   In just a few months, the finishing touches will take place, furniture will be placed, and faculty will move into their offices.  Most importantly, classes will be offered in this new state-of-the-art facility beginning in the Fall of this year!

 LSU Alexandria’s Multipurpose Academic Center

LSUA is committed to the undergraduate student in every area of study.  The MPAC will only enhance this commitment.  There are 18 new classrooms, 52 faculty offices, a Computer Lab and Writing lab, a Painting and Drawing Studio, and a Ceramic Studio with kiln and an outdoor ceramics yard.  Also, archive storage for the LSUA permanent art collection is included in this building.  There is also a Photography Suite, a Chorale room and Theatre rehearsal space, 4 music practice rooms, and a Black Box Theatre that will seat 175 people.  Theatre support space with a design room, costume shop, scenery shop and loading dock area complement the performing arts space.  Finally, every classroom is a “Smart Classroom” fully equipped with state-of-the-art teaching and learning technology.

Construction of the MPAC is in keeping with the LSUA Master Plan, and will transform the inner space of the campus.  The resulting new quadrangle will redefine the LSUA campus and create an inner Academic Mall ringed by all of the major buildings.  LSUA has always been a beautiful University known for its stately Live Oaks.  Visit the campus soon to witness how a 21st Century education mingles with a beautiful environment.