Laser Treatments For Rosacea


Laser Treatments For RosaceaDoctors’ offices around the world have been using lasers to treat rosacea since the 1980’s, but many of the original laser devices used for rosacea treatments ran a high risk of scarring and were not recommended for patients of certain skin types.

Cutera’s Laser Genesis is approved for the use of laser therapy for a wide range of rosacea patients. Laser Genesis treatments are designed to treat the persistent redness, dilated blood vessels and the thickening of the skin on the nose and cheeks that are commonly associated with rosacea patients. The heat or light energy from the laser helps to break down the damaged skin cells and can eradicate visible blood vessels. Laser Genesis will also help increase collagen production to produce a healthier appearing skin and is less likely to cause any type of bruising or blistering to the delicate skin. Patients should have no down time from procedures. Procedures are quick and little discomfort that takes only minutes to treat. Laser Genesis can treat all skin types.

Laser rosacea treatments offer a number of benefits for patients who are suffering from the effects of rosacea and want to get their skin under control. The key skin benefits of Laser Genesis for rosacea treatments include:

• Reduction of redness around the cheeks and forehead;

• Elimination or reduction in visibility of blood vessels;

• Improvement of texture and tone of skin;

• Reduction of the effects of skin thickening;

• Clearing up any breakouts;

• Increasing collagen production to produce a healthier glow to skin.

If you have been diagnosed with rosacea by your dermatologist and would like to learn more about laser treatments for rosacea, call Donna McMickens, L.P.N. Certified Laser Specialist at Alexandria Eye and Laser Center at (318) 561-0916 for a free consult to find out if you are a good candidate for Laser Genesis treatment.