Jaguars Are Back at the Alexandria Zoo!


eventsLogoLOTJIt’s been a long wait, but jaguars are finally back at the Alexandria Zoo!  The male, Bebu, came all the way from Panama; and the female, Madares, came from the San Diego Zoo.  These energetic young jaguars are currently in quarantine.  Visitors will get their first glimpse of the pair at the Grand Opening of the Land of the Jaguar Exhibit on Saturday, September 28th.


Be sure to “Save the Date” when we will be able to explore the wonders of Central and South America without leaving Alexandria with the grand opening of the Land of the Jaguar.  The new exhibit  is a dynamic multi-species habitat that will feature over 40 species from Latin America, including the jaguar, spectacled bear, chilean flamingo, giant anteater, sloth, caiman, American crocodile, coati, howler monkey, ocelot and many more!


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