It’s the Little Things: Boosting Fertility


It’s the Little Things:  Boosting FertilityFor some couples getting pregnant is easy, but for others, getting pregnant is difficult.  Many couples are searching for the reason they can’t start their family.  Sometimes answers are as easy as small lifestyle changes.  Other times, more intense investigation and treatment is required.

“Physically most couples are fully capable of conceiving,” says Dr. Barry Bieber, OB/GYN of Alexandria Healthcare for Women.  “Optimizing lifestyles and health can boost fertility.”

Just a few of the positive factors include proper diet, vitamins, adequate amounts of sleep and rest.  Adding certain foods high in antioxidants like fruits and vegetables can also give fertility a boost.  Negative factors such as smoking and stress are important factors to eliminate as well. 

Whether you are planning a pregnancy or have been diagnosed with infertility, we will go through the basics and new treatments in conception to optimize your outcome.  To learn more information, Christus Cabrini Women’s and Children’s Hospital is sponsoring a Women’s Health Series called Fertility and Getting Pregnant.  Dr. Barry Bieber will be the guest speaker.  The event will be held on Tuesday, December 14th at 12:00noon in the Cabrini Women’s and Children’s Hospital Conference Room.  For more information, call (318) 466-6095.