Is God Fair?

Is God Fair?
Rev. Henry Williams, Jr.

Having been reared in a culture of democracy, we are taught from the crib that we should always seek to exemplify fairness and equality in all of our administrations.  It is a common occurrence to hear a child say to a parent, “that’s not fair”.  Fairness means a lot to us, and we expect everything to be fair.  Most of us view being fair as being free from bias, injustices, or dishonesty.  A study by Psychology Today reveals that what we may consider to be fair is complicated because fairness is predicated on circumstances that change constantly.  The study shows that what we most categorize fairness by, is equality and a fair reward.  We want a level playing field and also a reward system based on performance.  I recently watched a football game played with six- and seven-year-old kids.  The over whelming theme of the children was that they all wanted to run the ball.  It did not matter if one player was faster or more athletic than some of the others; they all felt that it was only fair if they were quarterbacks or running backs.

As we observe society and life, we see inequalities and reward based systems unfairly capitalized on by those who could be viewed as undeserving. By those of faith, this sometimes incites the question as to the fairness of God. The question is how fair is God, and is He at all fair?  First, to say that someone is unfair, according to the standard usage of the word “unfair”, is to say that that person is dishonest and unethical.  As it relates to God, the Bible teaches that He cannot and will not lie, nor will He go back on the Word that He has spoken. 

God is sovereign in that He is creator and sustainer of the universe, and providential provider of all and for all.  Therefore, in His sovereignty, all that He does is ethical by His own standards.  On the other hand, however, we live in a world that has been contaminated by an unethical intruder, who has distorted the integrity of the absoluteness of God.  Also, the intruder has established a counterfeit system that is administered to the world as truth, only to contradict the honesty of God’s truth.  Because of this, God operates in favor.  We are taught through scripture, that He values all people equally and favorably in spite of our faults and defaults.  Moreover, He through His Grace and Mercy, has created a level playing field, in that we all have equal opportunities to reestablish our connection with Him regardless of the misconceptions perpetuated by the unethical intruder.

Fairness is all relative to the criteria and the one who judges the criteria.  In that the resolution summarizes that God is better than fair, He is favorable.  Favor says that He has the over ruling authority to change what seems wrong, dishonest, and unethical, into truth.  In addition to this, in His unmerited favor, God also preserves that truth throughout eternity.

Pastor Williams is the Pastor of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Alexandria. He welcomes comments and feedback at