Increased Use of Daily Disposable Contacts

Increased Use of Daily Disposable Contacts
Dr. Phillip L. Carney, Jr.

One mode of contact lens wear that is on the rise is daily one-day disposable contacts.  Clearly the healthiest and most convenient way to wear contacts, these contacts are available in most all prescriptions, and all the major contact lens makers now offer a one day disposable lens option.  These lenses are preferred for those that have problems with allergies, dryness from contacts, and those that simply want the convenience of a daily disposable.  They are especially good for those that only wear contact lenses occasionally or only for sports and recreation.


While daily disposable contacts may be a little more expensive for the contact lens wearer, savings come in not having to buy cleaning solution and other supplies.  You don’t even need a contact lens case unless you want to take the lenses out for a while.  Also, there is no worrying about torn lenses or having to throw out a 2-week or monthly lens before time has expired.  Check with your eye care doctor as to the availability of daily disposable contacts in your prescription.


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