I Never Noticed

I Never Noticed
Lisa Holt

I have laughed with you, smiled at you, been proud to see you shine.

I have shared a meal with you, dried your tears and allowed you to dry mine.

I have argued with you, marveled at your uniqueness, appreciated your beauty.

I have embraced you, held the door for you, held your child in my arms.

I have loved you, even when you weren’t easy to love.

I have smiled at you as we passed in the grocery store, asked your advice on recipes and ingredients.

I have prayed with you when it seemed the world had forsaken us.

I have been honest with you; the world is not always fair, but our circumstances don’t define us.

I have supported you; regardless of the mountain, I knew you could climb it.

I have cried for you.

I have prayed for you.

I have been heartbroken for you.

I have been your friend.

I never noticed that I was a different color than you.