How Fat Works

How Fat Works
Dr. James Parrish

Body fat is a type of tissue that is composed primarily of cells called adipocytes. It is mainly found in the space underneath our skin and around our around our intestines and internal organs.  In addition to providing cushioning and insulation, fat performs several functions including storage of energy in the form of triglycerides and production of certain hormones.


As adults, we have a certain number of fat cells.  When we gain or lose weight, these cells become larger or smaller, but do not change in number. One common misconception is that when fat is removed with liposuction it “just goes somewhere else.” Liposuction does not make you gain weight in another area.  If you were to gain or lose weight after liposuction, there would be less of a change in the treated area since there would be less fat cells present to grow larger or smaller. The untreated areas would behave as they did before and thus create the illusion that fat has gone from one place to another.  This is why it is a good idea to be a stable weight when considering liposuction.


The fact that we do not make new fat cells also means that liposuction permanently removes the fat from the treated area.  The fat cells cannot grow back.  Weight gain will cause all of the fat cells in your body to increase in size, but the effect in the treated area will be less since there are fewer cells present.


Not all fat in your body is the same.  Fat cells from different parts of your body respond differently to signals to accumulate or release their stores of energy.  This is why some people have stubborn areas of fat that are very resistant to diet or exercise.  Liposuction is perfect to treat these resistant areas and to contour the body.


Laser liposuction systems such as SlimLipo take advantage of the unique properties of fat cells in order to target them with laser light and gently melt them.  At the same time, the overlying skin is tightened and smoothed, thus reestablishing a youthful contour to the body.


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