Home Buyers: What Not To Do!

Helen Ogrin
Helen Ogrin

The time when you are preparing to purchase a home can be very exciting. You look on the internet for available homes and drive by potential homes to see the neighborhoods and surroundings. Once you call a REALTOR and are in full purchase mode, buyers can sometimes make some mistakes in the process. If you are considering this process anytime soon, I would like to give you some advice on what not to do!

• Don’t quit your job, change your job or even get a promotion.
• Don’t make any large purchases such as an engagement ring, furniture, a new car or anything that costs over $5.00! (Well, that maybe a slight exaggeration, you should keep buying groceries and necessities).
• Don’t call the other agent on “For Sale” signs. You will be best represented by your chosen agent.
• Don’t make a “David Copperfield” deposit! All monies must be accounted for.
• Don’t look on the internet for a lender. Use a local, reputable bank, credit union or mortgage broker to obtain a loan.
• Don’t procrastinate! Make sure you provide all requested documentation to your lender as soon as they ask for it.
• Don’t miss out on the perfect home because you want to see everything on the market. If you find a wonderful house that fits your criteria on the first day of your house hunt, make the offer. If you wait, the house might be sold when you get back to it.
• Don’t make a “low ball” offer on a desirable home. Listen to your REALTOR’s advice, as he or she knows fair market value of homes in the area.
• Don’t apply for a credit card or anything else that would need to pull a credit report on you.
• Don’t schedule a vacation prior to closing.
• Don’t forget to call a Noles-Frye REALTOR! Our REALTORS are highly trained and educated, professional and ethical. A Noles-Frye REALTOR will put your best interest at the top of their priority list. They can show you any house listed with any agency, as well as FSBO’s (unrepresented sellers). They can give you top notch advice so that you will make the best purchasing decision to help you reach your goal.

Purchasing a home can be very stressful and exciting! Let a professional REALTOR from Noles-Frye help you through the process. Call Noles-Frye Realty today to obtain more great advice on what not to do when purchasing a home, what to do when purchasing a home and how to have the best experience during the home buying process.