Heidi’s Helpful Hints


Heidi’s Helpful HintsWow!  It’s September, 2010 already. Schools back in, everyone is getting back on a schedule. Most of us are ready for cooler weather. Were ready to put back on our fall clothes and enjoy being able to walk outside without pouring sweat. The nice thing about wearing fall clothes is you can hide underneath them. As the weather gets cooler, the majority of us tend to slack off on activities and eat more. Then before you know it, time change, it’s dark before half of us even get off work, so there goes the outdoor activities. How about those holidays that follow with festive calorie busting foods. Before you know it, your clothes fit tighter and by the first of the year you put even more fat pounds on than the year before. Then the next cycle repeats itself, again. You’re tired and don’t like the way you feel or look. You make your New Year’s Resolution to get fit and healthy. You start eating like a rabbit, dread going to the gym, doing exercises you don’t like, let alone don’t know what your doing. You feel intimidated, low self-esteem and of course your starving. When you don’t get those fast unrealistic results, you give in and now have an excuse to give up. Before you know it, summer here again and you don’t want to wear shorts or sleeveless shirts. Swimsuit? Yeah right, you won’t be caught dead in a bikini, let alone a one piece!

So let me ask you. Do you want to be a prisoner in your own body? Does your day start and end with you thinking about your weight? Are you worried about seeing your children or grandchildren grow up? Does the phrase “health club” intimidate you? Do you feel like you’re worth it and deserve a better life? The answer is yes!

Heidi’s Helpful Hints

1. Invest in yourself, you are your own best 401K plan!
2. No diets! Eat foods that grow or eat from the ground
3. Join a gym. Hire a trainer, the best money you’ll ever spend. Getting fit faster, safely, have your own routines you like that fit your needs.
4. Don’t jump in full force, take baby steps. It’s a lifestyle.
5. Set short term goals .Example: I will exercise 3x’s for 20 minutes this week.

Let me help you. Come see us at The Courtyard Health and Racquet Club, where we can give you back your life and make a difference!