Health Check for CASA

Natalie North
Natalie North

Rapides CASA and Premier Urgent Care have come together to create “Health Check for CASA”. On Saturday, September 13th, Premier Urgent Care will be providing a comprehensive health and wellness screening, for only $30.00. In the spirit of giving back to our community, Premier is donating all proceeds from this event to Rapides CASA! We are very grateful that Premier Urgent Care chose CASA as their nonprofit organization of choice to benefit from this event.


Diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and obesity are leading causes of death in our country. To make matters worse, these conditions are asymptomatic and progressing in you without you being aware of it. By the time these so-called “silent killers” produce symptoms, it is often late and damage is already done. You have to be proactive in getting with your doctor to get screened and start treatment if necessary. This fund raising event is a great opportunity for you to invest in your health. Not only do you get screened, it saves you hundreds of dollars if these tests and evaluations are performed elsewhere. Furthermore, all proceeds of your contribution will be donated by Premier Urgent Care to CASA; hence, you support a noble cause.


During this event, you will get an assessment of blood pressure, height, weight, Body Mass Index and waist circumference, all of which will reveal your risk for cardiovascular disease. To complement this, the event will also provide blood test for complete lipid profile, and fasting blood sugar. Subsequent to the testing, you will have the opportunity to discuss the entire results of your screen with a Premier Urgent Care medical provider to see if lifestyle modifications and further treatment is necessary. To ensure that you obtain most from this event, Premier’s Medical Director Dr. Deepak Sharma, MD, FACP, asks that anyone who attends this event fast for at least 8 to 12 hours prior to testing.


CASA_Logo_Color_VertHealth Check for CASA will be held at Premier Urgent Care, located at 3601 Jackson Street Extension in Alexandria on Saturday, September 13th, from 6:00am until noon. To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old and pre-register for the event. Registration forms can be found at Premier Urgent Care’s location on Jackson, or on their website at In order to make your participation in this event seamless, we recommend that you pre-register by September 7th to schedule a specific appointment time. Payment can be made online before the event on Premier’s website, or you can pay on the day of the event, with cash or checks only. Again, all proceeds from the event will be donated to Rapides CASA, so this event will benefit both you and the children of Central Louisiana!