Gardening Grows More Than Just Great Food


NaomiGardenGardening has always been an excellent way of exercise and a wonderful hobby for persons of  all ages to enjoy, especially our senior population.  Gardening is really good for us, and for more than the vegetables it produces, it also has some mental health benefits.  Experts say that it may actually help seniors enjoy independence in later life while allowing the senior gardener to continue that “need to nurture” by giving them seedlings and baby plants to care for.  When this “need to nurture” is fulfilled, the life of the senior citizen is enhanced, simply by having a new way to care for something!  In addition, stress and depression decrease, and they feel that they can continue to enjoy life to the fullest!


Naomi Heights Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Alexandria is going the extra mile to help their residents feel the joy that comes with being needed.  The new “Raised Gardens” and “The Potting Shed” at Naomi Heights have everyone excited!  Schedule your tour today and see how gardening is improving the quality of life for their residents.